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Study proves: loans online cheaper than at branch bank

Whether car, electrical appliances or home ownership – for more and more people in Germany, such investments can only be financed with a loan. For us as a financial advisor, the individual advice is in the foreground, so that the best credit conditions are waiting under your personal circumstances. From the experience it is known…

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What can you do when the bank terminates your loan agreement?

Various unforeseen situations such as a broken car or a sudden damage to the house, but also a short-term financial bottleneck, as the employer is deficient in the payment, can lead to the sudden need for a loan. The banks, especially the direct banks, are attracting fabulously low interest rates, especially now that the European…

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Real estate sell possible despite ongoing mortgage lending?

Special circumstances such as job-related relocation, unemployment, illness, divorce or the loss of a beloved partner can force real estate owners to sell the existing property, even if mortgage lending is still ongoing. It is not only important to sell the property successfully, but also the construction loan must be terminated. This comes at a…

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